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Title: The Picture
Rating: PG
Fandom: The Magnificent Seven
Category: ATF
Main Characters: Ezra and the rest of the seven.
Disclaimers: The guys are owned by CBS, MGM, Trilogy Entertainment Group, and The Mirisch Corp.
Summary: This story is based on a dream. It only lasted a few seconds
so I based it around the small scene that consisted of the back of a building and a piece of paper.
Spoilers: None
Status: Complete


The Picture

Free falling; that’s what he was doing. He was flying through the air and he had nothing to either slow or soften his fall. The question was why. Why was he in mid-air, on his way to slamming into something that was going to hurt his body beyond anything he’d felt before? And it did hurt.

He obviously didn’t fall very far, because it was only a matter of seconds until his flight ended, his body hitting the side of the building with tremendous force. His body then seemed to float to the cement floor beneath him. Dazed green eyes tried to focus on the blurred object beside of him but he failed to succeed.

Firstly, he tried to lift his head so he could see over, what he thought were large blue crates, and find help. The sudden weight and nausea caused it to fall back to the ground with a thud. Then, in a second effort to seek the help he required, he attempted to roll onto his side. He succeeded, just. The right shoulder fell towards the ground and stopped a few inches above his head. He had to leave it where it was, hovering above the ground. Now if he could only get his right leg to follow his shoulder, he might then be able to push himself up onto his knees.
His knee did go over like he wanted it to but that’s where he stopped. The body that was covered in abrasions and soon to be nasty bruises now looked like a statue. There was no movement, nothing. The eyes continued to blink in an effort to stay awake, but they too, eventually closed and became still.


Silence, why the hell was there silence? Only a moment ago, voices had been coming through clearly on the speaker. They were still recording; JD had convinced him of that with a confident nod. That also meant the bug was working. Then what the hell was causing the silence. Surely not his agent, the guy didn’t know what the word ‘shut up’ meant.

A sudden explosion caused the van to shudder. The occupants sat frozen to their seats, stunned by the implications of the sound. Then as quickly as their bodies had seized up, they went into action.

Four men ran from the vehicle as though their lives depended on their quick exit. But it was the life of their fellow agent and the young FBI recruit they were worried about. Two more men joined the group as they ran towards what was left of the two storey apartment building.

The men ran over the shattered glass that covered the street in front of the building. The front wall had been damaged enough to cause them to worry that the roof could cave in at any moment. When they reached the entrance, which was still in one piece, they stopped and looked to their leader for orders.

“Buck, JD, Nathan, search the surrounding area, and when you find him, call me ASAP, only after the medics.” Chris Larabee faced the remaining two men. “Vin, Josiah, we’re going inside. Be careful!”

The group split up, three of them ran towards the back of the building to search the parking area. The other three headed inside, disappearing into what was now a dangerous environment to anything breathing.

There was no sign of anything living on the first floor. The meeting had taken place on the second floor so that’s where they headed. What they found both angered them and tore at their hearts. Two bodies lay near the emergency exit at the end of the end of the long corridor. They moved slowly towards them. Their minds not wanting to admit that the bodies may be of their friend and the twenty two year old FBI agent.

On the way they passed the room that had held the explosion. The damage was amazing, the back wall had been torn apart, they could see the another building at least fifteen feet away. All the furniture was destroyed, small fires were burning and pieces of debris were still floating towards the floor.

When they reached the body closest to them they knelt down. Chris Larabee turned the first body over and hung his head at the site of the young agent. Hawkins was . . . had been his name, he’d only been on the job for six months.

Chris didn’t want to check the second body, he didn’t want to know, he couldn’t know. He grimaced when he saw Vin reach forward to do what he’d been refusing to do. Chris grabbed his hand. It wasn’t Vin’s place to do this, it was his. He quickly turned the body and sighed loudly with relief; it wasn’t Ezra.

After confirming that Ezra wasn’t one of the dead, Josiah began to look for him. His blue grey eyes looked around at the damage and saw something that caught his interest. It wasn’t a body but it was an object that would give them an explanation for what had gone wrong. It went into his pocket so he could show it to the others later.


The parking area was empty except for two parked vehicles and a large garbage dumpster near a second building. Nathan moved towards the stairs that led to a rear entrance.

Suddenly there were sirens in the background. No doubt the fire department and police had been notified.

His eyes searched everywhere for his friend but he couldn’t see anything that would lead him to his fellow agent. Even the cars were empty. Maybe they had taken Ezra with them before the explosion. It would explain Standish’s disappearance. He looked towards JD and Buck who were searching near the dumpster. The two men were about to turn away when something caught their attention.


Buck sounded scared, terrified even, so he ran as fast as he could and followed the two men to the small area behind the dumpster. Ezra Standish lay on his side, unmoving.

“Damn!” Nathan and Buck rolled the dumpster out of the way so that the ex-medic could reach down Ezra and check for a pulse. It was there but faint and rapid. “Call 911!” he didn’t notice that JD was already talking into his cell phone.

Nathan continued to check for injuries. A pool of blood had formed beneath Ezra’s skull.
He gently caressed the injury for any fractures; he didn’t feel any. A quick examination told him that there weren’t any broken bones that he could see with the naked eye, but there could still be internal injuries that he wasn’t able to check for.

Running footsteps came towards them. The noise stopped leaving only the sound of shouting at the front of the building. The fire department had arrived.

“Nathan?” Chris whispered, then raised his voice when the agent didn’t answer him. “Nathan!”

“He’s alive Chris.” Nathan placed his hand on the side of his friend’s face. “Barely, but he’s still with us.” he added in a quiet voice.

“Medics are here Nathan.” Buck told him.

Nathan grabbed Buck’s hand for support as the man helped him out of the tight space. Team Seven then stepped back and watched the medics as they worked on their friend. It was a matter of minutes before Ezra was loaded onto a gurney and taken to the waiting ambulance. Chris hopped into the back of the vehicle, his intention was to stay with his undercover agent.

The others began to move away and find the officer in charge. An explanation was needed and they had to inform the police that the body of an FBI agent was on the second floor and they should deal with the young man with all the respect they could muster.

Buck noticed that Vin wasn’t moving away with them. The sharp shooter seemed to be staring at something on the wall behind the dumpster.

“What are you looking at Vin?” Buck strained his eyes then he saw it.

“Blood.” Vin answered softly. “Ezra’s blood. Must have hit the wall then fell onto the ground.”

Vin turned and Buck moved with him. They saw the large hole in the building on the second floor.

“You think he was up there?” Buck asked him.

“Could be. The explosion could have thrown him this distance, the building stopped him.” Vin shrugged in despair then moved after the others.


He felt comfortable, in a heavy groggy sort of way. His mind seemed to be drifting in an environment full of a cooling mist. A small smile found its way onto his face. If only it could be this way all the time. His body felt good, his mind thought of nothing but soothing thoughts. Yes, life was good. He shifted his body and a twinge of pain made itself known to him. Where the hell had that come from? He was feeling good, there shouldn’t be any pain. He decided to test his body again; maybe he was dreaming it. No, there it was again. This time the pain was worse and it had travelled to his skull. A third attempt at shifting his frame confirmed the pain was real.

His eyes opened slowly. The darkness that surrounded him was broken by a lamp on a bedside table. When he lifted his arm, something pulled at the back of his hand. It was an IV needle that had been covered with a thick bandage. A hospital, he was in a hospital. Memories began to flood his calm mind turning it into a torrent of rage and sadness.

Hawkins had been led away at gunpoint and there had been nothing he could do to stop them. A gun was being held against his own temple, forcing him to stay where he was near the back wall of the apartment. There had been nothing to tell them that he was an ATF agent and that Hawkins was FBI. Twenty two, the guy was only twenty two years old.

He looked around the room to find Chris Larabee asleep in a chair and Josiah Sanchez staring out of the window. The man was obviously lost in thought.

Ezra wanted to say something, to let him know he was awake but he couldn’t bear the thought of being told Hawkins was dead. A single gunshot had sounded outside the apartment a split second before the explosion had occurred.

He looked to his left again to see if Chris had stirred. The burnt newspaper clipping that sat beneath the lamp intrigued him. Ezra leant sideways, pulling on ribs that protesting with an extreme amount of pain. He grabbed the clipping, knocking a plastic cup off the table in the process.

Ezra ignored Chris’ quick intake of breath and jerking movements as he began to wake up. He ignored Josiah’s footsteps as the older man made his way back to the bed. All that he could see was the small picture in front of him.

Hawkins in his uniform. His arm was wrapped around an older man. It could have been the kid’s father, they looked alike.

“Agent Hawkins’ father decided to put a birthday wish in the paper for his son. He made the mistake of using one that showed him in his uniform. It was in the paper the day before the operation.” Josiah explained to Ezra. “I found that just inside the apartment where the bust was supposed to take place.”

Ezra nodded in understanding. A proud father made a simple mistake that cost him his son’s life.

The End

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